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Voice Metrics for Slack

Get your team on the same page!  Voice Metrics allows you to hear Slack messages directly from your voice assistant (Alexa, etc.).  Connect any Slack board, select channels to hear, and then create a customized “Slack Voice Briefing” that Alexa will respond with when you say “Alexa, Voice Metrics!”.

Use it for yourself, or set up your entire team with Daily Briefings, Status Updates, or key metrics in your channels — Just ask!

Ask Voice Metrics for

“My Briefing”




“PageViews / Website Activity”

“Callers On Hold”

“Line Efficiency”

“New Leads”


The Voice Metrics Open REST API can be set up and used by any business, or incorporated into SaaS products for use by the SaaS vendors’ customers — adding huge value to software offerings.

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