Voice Metrics Skill Connects Amazon Alexa Account with Your Data

Use Voice Metrics with your Amazon Alexa Account to connect your applications and bring voice capabilities to your business. Request developer access and enable the Voice Metrics Skill with our API to create your own custom voice briefing.

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Free Developer Account

Once you have created a free developer account with Voice Metrics, you can begin developing with our Open REST API to connect data from your business systems, software applications, analytics reports and more.


Integrate Voice Metrics with your SaaS Products

Product managers love us because Voice Metrics is bringing in-demand functionality for voice integration for app and software developers. Get started now for free by utilizing our Open REST API. You can start offering Alexa integration by using Voice Metrics to  bring a whole new dimension to your SaaS offering. The Open Rest API is also designed for enterprise integration. Managers are asking for real-time reports, and voice-commands make for seamless integration into the way we work.

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