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We make the voice assistant work for business. Voice Metrics connects your data and apps with Amazon Alexa to make your information available by voice — anywhere, anytime!

Hear an example of how we deliver exactly the metrics you need, anytime.

A New Way To Experience Data


How much time do you spend logging into dashboards and online services, wading through emails, opening PDF’s, and picking through spreadsheets, just to find a few key pieces of information? With Voice Metrics, you can customize your voice response with both the text AND the data you want to hear.

Open API

Voice Metrics can accept any data, and therefore business use cases are virtually unlimited.

Custom Data

Voice Metrics reads your custom analytics using a simple voice command

Multiple Platforms

Voice Metrics commands can easily be plugged into your Voice platform of choice

Ask Voice Metrics for

“My Briefing”




“PageViews / Website Activity”

“Callers On Hold”

“Line Efficiency”

“New Leads”


The Voice Metrics Open REST API can be set up and used by any business, or incorporated into SaaS products for use by the SaaS vendors’ customers — adding huge value to software offerings.

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